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THE NEW YEAR: It’s Just Around the Corner


2016, it’s just around the corner. Are you making your New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not. Resolutions are just wishes. Wishes will not take us through the tough times. We need more than a wish to change our lives, to live well…to help others live well.

Now is the perfect time, the last week of 2015, to dream. Have your dreams failed in the past? Have your wishes failed in the past? Have you given up? Don’t! Start out 2016 by making GOALS, instead of resolutions. Start now.  Goals make us accountable to time, and to others. Write your goals down, have a deadline, and find an accountability partner who will support you. Make your dreams big for 2016, make them too hot to handle, make them impossible. I love Walt Disney’s quote, “It’s kind of fun, to do the impossible.” When is the last time you had fun…doing the impossible? Make 2016 different, make it fun by turning impossible to possible.

Living Well is about each of us caring for our own body, mind, and spirit. It’s a place to go… to remind us to care for ourselves… so that we can care about others. Start today.


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  1. Mary, I love “it’s fun to do the impossible”. You always bring a smile to my face!!! Enjoy your journey, Carol

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